FEATURED PROPERTY: Beautiful Home on Telluride Main Street

FEATURED PROPERTY: Beautiful Home on Telluride Main Street

For all of those who have visited Telluride, it’s easy to day dream about what it would be like to live in the Box Canyon. Waking up to magnificent views, skiing all winter, enjoying the festival music all summer. Not to mention the hiking, biking, rafting, fly fishing–just a few of the activities you could enjoy if you lived here year-round.

Well what’s stopping you? Here at Telluride Luxury we are lucky enough to have incredible properties on our list. This week we are featuring an amazing historic home located on Telluride’s Main Street, Colorado Avenue. Built in 1900, the single-family home at 445 West Colorado Avenue, was constructed at the height of the mining-boom that swept across the Western United States. During 1900, Telluride hit a populous high of 2,446, more than current numbers. The home was more than likely an outcome of this growth.

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The home features a beautiful, rustic-style remodel that was completed in 1998. Sitting high on the north side of Colorado Avenue, the house brings in outstanding views of the Telluride Ski Resort, Ballard Peak, Ajax and more as well as ample natural lighting throughout the day. With large southern-facing windows, you can watch the hustle and bustle of town while being away from the noise of foot traffic of town center. Another perk of this amazing home is the additional guest house. As anyone living in a resort town can attest, you live in paradise, your friends will want to come and visit! This additional space can be used for family and friends visiting, as a rental unit or for your own pleasure (art studio? mini vacation from the kids?).

Like what you see? Contact broker Rosie Cusack to get more information about this historic property via email, rosie@rosiecusack.com or by phone, 970.728.0461.

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